cool af
a tutorial that teaches you how to use and work with dat, super cool!
@20 (
short essay on 20 years of the web, and of life, by the excellent paul ford
a small tutorial i wrote on how to host a wbesite with a dat:// shortname
make the p2p web with dat's primitives · GitHub
a little dat tech topology that i compiled
p2p social networking with Rotonde & Beaker Browser -
tutorial on how to join the p2p network Rotonde, built ontop of dat & beaker
datBase - Open data powered by Dat
view dat archives over http
The Peer-to-Peer Web - Paul Frazee - YouTube
this is a really really good intro to dat & beaker "Paul goes in depth about what the Peer-to-Peer web is, the social implications behind it, and what it looks like in practice with the Beaker Browser"
Towards a more democratic Web • Tara Vancil
"I want to decide what is good content for me. I want help making that decision based on how people I trust have responded to that piece of content. I want to be able to mark another user as a porn bot or a Nazi, and I want people who follow me to be able to see that information, and to decide how to act on it."
In Praise of Gives-a-Damn – licensezero – Medium
"the point was that precious-idea thinking — that you should keep what you have close to your chest, withhold details, and play for secrets — was pig-ignorant. If you really cared about a problem, cared about it more than dim prospects for veneration as an “ideas guy”, then precious-ideas instincts had to die"
An Intro To Dat's Cryptography
"Dat is a secure peer to peer live syncing file sharing protocol for the web. Here's an overview of the cryptography used in the project. Even more technical details can be found in the Dat Paper."
"License Zero is a shot across the bow of Open Source software entitlement, free-as-in-worthless, and maintainer disposability."
A Scuttlebutt Love Story on Vimeo
"An Introduction to Scuttlebutt, the lovely decentralized social network"
mikeal/ipfs-elements: HTML Elements for IPFS.
"HTML elements you can use to display content from IPFS."
"Peer to peer cartography" "Peermaps provides a distributed, offline-friendly alternative to commercial map providers like Google Maps. Instead of fetching data from a centralized tile service, fetch map data from your peers using ipfs and dat. "
ii | tools
"ii is a minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client. It creates an irc directory tree with server, channel and nick name directories. In every directory a FIFO in file and a normal out file is created."
A cryptographically auditable VM service | NodeVMS
"A cryptographically auditable VM service using Nodejs and Dat."
"LBRY is an open protocol that allows you to publish your videos to the network at no cost to you and set a price per stream or download."
cyberhoboing with dominic tarr, Why Software is Important
"Before software is written [it] hangs there only as a lingering possibility. It must be mined out of the ether by highly trained monkeys in a process where they drink coffee, stare at screens, and hammer away at some very fancy typewriters"
So you want to decentralize your website -
"It’s pretty weird to run your own website, to care about making it efficient, to keep using last-gen tech like Jekyll. So, if it’s going to be weird, we might as well go whole-hog and become decentralization hipsters"
So you want your decentralized browser to work correctly
"Yesterday, Tom MacWright wrote “So you want to decentralize your website”. It’s a thoughtful and detailed review of what it’s like to publish a website on the Dat network using the Beaker browser, and we recommend it to anyone interested in decentralized publishing."
In response to “Is Decentralized Storage Sustainable?”
"Is decentralized storage sustainable? TL;DR: Yes — because the goal is to decentralize data control, not disk resources."
Counter-Anti-Disintermediation - P2P Foundation
"Central to the counter-anti-disintermediationist design is the End-to-End principle: platforms must not depend on servers and admins, even when cooperatively run, but must, to the greatest degree possible, run on the computers of the platform’s users" ... "Decentralized systems need to be designed to be counter-anti-disintermediationist"
an absolutely amazing personal website
"A place for sharing any files small enough to fit on a conventional floppy disc (1.44meg High density), art, media, sound, noise, its up to you, all files are hosted here for taking and swopping"
a collaborative coding environment, with open-source code for all of the projects hosted there, p cool
pirate/bookmark-archiver: 🗄 Save an archived copy of all websites starred using Pocket/Pinboard/Bookmarks. Outputs browseable html.
"Save an archived copy of all websites starred using Pocket. Outputs browseable html." kinda rad, except now i want to make an ecology of scripts that work on fav'd tweets with links, all of my open tabs, emailed links etc and then probably run something akin to readability on the articles, to output a sort of standardized text format for every article
JSON Feed: Home
rss but using json instead of xml, basically
"Archive Team is a loose collective of rogue archivists, programmers, writers and loudmouths dedicated to saving our digital heritage."
"A kill file is a per-user file used by some Usenet reading programs to discard summarily (without presenting for reading) articles matching some unwanted patterns of subject, author, or other header lines"
raspberry_pi:diy [ PIRATEBOX ]
"PirateBox is an anonymous offline mobile file-sharing and communications system built with free software and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware. You can use it to transform any space into a free and open offline communications and file sharing network."
"There are some ugly things down in these archives; there are narcissistic ravings from pre-adolescent social misfits. There are calls for anarchy. There's satanism, there's racism, there's all the -isms in the book lurking in the words. But there's hope, too. There's excitement, there's joy, there's every manner of feeling being crammed down into ASCII and posted for the world to find. It's a spectrum of humanity, and this is what I hope you'll find, buried there, among the text. Enjoy."
"You can upload files to this site via a simple HTTP POST, e.g. using curl: curl -F 'file=@/path/to/your/file.jpg'"
A Proposal for Proquints: Identifiers that are Readable, Spellable, and Pronounceable
"Proquints: Identifiers that are Readable, Spellable, and Pronounceable"
Cameron's World
"In an age where we interact primarily with branded and marketed web content, Cameron’s World is a tribute to the lost days of unrefined self-expression on the Internet. This project recalls the visual aesthetics from an era when it was expected that personal spaces would always be under construction."
A plain English introduction to CAP theorem « Kaushik Sathupadi
what it sounds like; quick read, v good
tarr talks - YouTube
a list of talks by dominic tarr about using js to make distributed applications
Being a Circle in a World Made for Triangles – Open Collective – Medium
an article about running collectives in an easier fashion using open-collective; kinda interesting to know it exists as an option
Cryptography: State of the science - YouTube
"Cryptography: State of the science" a presentation held by Adi Shamir in 2002, one of the three fathers of public-key cryptography. lots of good thoughts ~10 min in when he talks about his three laws of security
buckket/twtxt: Decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers.
"twtxt is a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers"
songblocker: mutes audio on spotify while songs play, allowing only commercials
Defcon 18 Changing threats to privacy Moxie Marlinspike Part - YouTube
Defcon 18: Changing threats to privacy by Moxie Marlinspike
MIT Media Lab Knotty Objects: Phone on Vimeo
mit media lab poses questions about phones, and shows examples of freely designed phones in china
interesting idea of spatially encoding information, reminiscent of a similar concept from the vr+ar-focused anime dennō coil
Chris Ball » Announcing GitTorrent: A Decentralized GitHub
"today we’re very happy to introduce p2p, the easiest way to establish a bidirectional events channel between two peers with a server fallback to provide maximum reliability."
My website is 20 years old today. - Zeldman on Web & Interaction Design
"today, because i want people to see these words, i’ll repost them on medium. because folks don’t bookmark and return to personal sites as they once did. and they don’t follow their favorite personal sites via rss, as they once did. today it’s about big networks. "
The Web We Have to Save – Matter – Medium
"since i got out of jail, though, i’ve realized how much the hyperlink has been devalued, almost made obsolete" ... "but the scariest outcome of the centralization of information in the age of social networks is something else: it is making us all much less powerful in relation to governments and corporations." ... "but the stream, mobile applications, and moving images: they all show a departure from a books-internet toward a television-internet. we seem to have gone from a non-linear mode of communication — nodes and networks and links — toward a linear one, with centralization and hierarchies." ... "this is not the web i knew when i went to jail. this is not the future of the web. this future is television."
"the router broadcasts on a 900mhz connection, letting the owner — with the right antenna — connect from up to 2.5 miles away. it can then be stashed in any public place with an internet connection, like a library, coffee shop, or co-working space."
The San Francisco Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon
"stupid shit no one needs & terrible ideas hackathon"
list of other collaborative groups of varying cohesiveness on the internet "a page to track various artist/programming/software/misc. collectives" - wally
tutorial for
goldbuick/exo-cortex: a self-hosted internet of things toolkit
"self-hosted iot toolkit" one ui to rule all services, wip, in-dev, very cyberpunk img moving img
lhs at the top of løvstakken in bergen, norway
The Deep Web Explained by Keanu Reeves on Vimeo
keanu reeves narrates a 1 min video on the ~deep web~
a twitter bot to save activists's time in educating people. it acts as a link repository, where each link corresponds to a keyword. also uses google spreadsheets as a database - v pragmatic
Thoughts on small projects
cool blogpost by darius kazemi on making things, especially smaller ones "Having lots of projects means you can watch your aesthetic develop over time very quickly. If I made 1 large project a year, it would take me 3 years until I had 3 data points I could look at and extrapolate some kind of forward motion. With 72 projects in a year, I have a ton of reference points. I can look back on what I’ve built and say, “Oh yeah, it’s pretty clear that over the summer I was really interested in joke generation, and then I moved away from that, but retained some elements into the winter.” It helps you better theorize about your own work and get a handle on what you’re doing."
Ephemeral Hosting
"This page exists only if someone is looking at it" ... "Thank you for loading this content. Your browser retrieved it from the browser of someone currently viewing this page. You're now a part of the network and someone who loads this page in the future may get it from you"
Reblink | Stream
"Start streaming to a URL. If it's open, it's yours."
"Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops."
"Serf is a decentralized solution for cluster membership, failure detection, and orchestration. Lightweight and highly available."
IPFS is the Distributed Web
"The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files."
Introduction · GitBook
the decentralized web primer, run by the people behind ipfs
IPLD - The data model of the content-addressable web
"IPLD is the data model of the content-addressable web. It allows us to treat all hash-linked data structures as subsets of a unified information space, unifying all data models that link data with hashes as instances of IPLD." some more ipfs links
Instructions for Saving Endangered Data: It’s time to get decentralized.
An Introduction to IPFS – ConsenSys – Medium
ipfs/ at master · ipfs/ipfs · GitHub
examples/examples at master · ipfs/examples · GitHub
a great collection of examples that show how to get started with using & developing for ipfs
IPFS: interplanetary file system
IPFS Search
Run IPFS in a Docker container
Getting Started | IPFS Docs
specs/iprs at master · ipfs/specs · GitHub
intro to ipns, the ipfs alternative to location-based links
intro to ipld, a blockchain friendly dataformat
"Hardbin is an encrypted pastebin, with the decryption key passed in the URL fragment, and the code and data served securely with IPFS"
ipfs example viewer
a record keeping system for super-high latency (interplanetary, one could say) systems
Google Grupper
a discussion around ipfs & ipns
Distributed Apps with IPFS (Juan Benet) - Full Stack Fest 2016 - YouTube
live demo from fullstack fest 2016 "let me rephrase the question to a “Why should we care about IPFS?” instead of “Why should I care?”"
Internal Server Error - Free code hosting
"ipfs-registry is a registry and bookmarker program for storing IPFS hashes in a way that you can remember later what they were. The rationale in developing it is that, currently, there is no such functionality provided natively by the ipfs binary, and a search engine dedicated to indexing ipfs DAGs does not exist either (that I know of)."
an unfinished implementation of a pastebin service ontop of ipfs
ipfs/ipfs-pack: ipfs-pack filesystem packing tool
"ipfs-pack is a tool and library to work with ipfs and large collections of data in UNIX/POSIX filesystems." use-case: you want to send some data to a friend without adding it to your ipfs node (which would duplicate the data); your friend can then grab the shared data via their regular ipfs node with ipfs get, and when that's done you can just stop ipfs pack, having shared the data
28 min vid on the concepts of ipld, the linked datastructure powering ipfs "Juan Benet: Enter the Merkle Forest"
uport a "Self-sovereign identity built on Ethereum"
What is a uPort identity? – uPort – Medium
"TLDR; At its most basic level, a uPort identity is an Ethereum address. So if all you need when interacting with an end user is their Ethereum address, this is provided by uPort. However, uPort also allows apps and their users to exchange information privately, while still backed by the security of the Ethereum blockchain."
uport whitepaper, interesting reading
ethereum explained in 25 minutes by its one of its creators, vitalik buterin
Dan's Intro to How Ethereum Works - YouTube
instructive intro to ethereum's fundamentals by dan finlay at the ipfs ethereum hackathon 2017
ethereum whitepaper, long read
Glossary · ethereum/wiki Wiki · GitHub
glossary over various terms and concepts found in the decentralized world
"Hallex: A Trust-Less Exchange System for Digital Assets" "a trust-less exchange system for digital assets on top of turing-complete blockchain technologies such as Ethereum. By combining smart contracts and digital signatures, we show how rules about asset trades can be enforced at low latency. These rules allow the exchange to be centralized but avoid placing trust in a third-party. This idea combines the advantages of centralized exchanges such as speed and price with the benefits of trust-less smart contracts giving unprecedented transaction security and settlement speed."
404 No one knows...
"We will in this post introduce IPFS objects and the Merkle DAG and give examples of structures that can be modelled using IPFS."
IPFS Alpha | Why We Must Distribute The Web - YouTube
"IPFS - Why We Must Distribute The Web" great 25 min video on how the web works, its failings, the need for web apps to be distributed and how ipfs attempts to solve the issues brought up
HTTP is obsolete. It's time for the distributed, permanent web
on why neocities is supporting ipfs and why they believe it to be the replacement for http. also talks about how http works, and what issues it has with the net as it is used today
Distributed Systems Reading List
"I often argue that the toughest thing about distributed systems is changing the way you think. The below is a collection of material I've found useful for motivating these changes."
Principles of Distributed Computing - DISCO
"Principles of Distributed Computing (lecture collection)"
"Today’s internet looks nothing like expected." clickbaity selection, but it's about a weird conglomerate called Etherium which is apparently a platform, cryptocurrency and programming language for creating decentralized programs
Locking the Web Open: A Call for a Decentralized Web | Brewster Kahle's Blog
Emu: Introducing Emu!
"Unfortunately, it's not really practical to expect grads to build their own Z80 based computer. It's expensive, time consuming and insanely error prone." ... "So, how about we invent a new machine and write an emulator for it. It can have an instruction set like the Z80, but with some of the rough edges smoothed off. It can be extensible and configurable in whatever way we want to make it a useful teaching aid."
swedish article by rasmus fleischer on the current lethargic outlook of the swedish people with regard to the current surveillance regime
The WeRebuild Manifesto | The Connectivist
the werebuild manifesto - on datalove, organization, world domination
writes about the issue of running your own email server in today's single provider landscape
ipfspics/ipfspics-server: Distributed image hosting
" is a open-source and distributed image hosting website. It aims to be an alternative to non-libre image hosting websites such as imgur, flickr and others."
Home |
"Matrix is an open standard for decentralised communication, providing simple HTTP APIs and open source reference implementations for securely distributing and persisting JSON over an open federation of servers."
el paquete - cuba's country wide sneaker net for distributing content to a population without free internet access "In addition to the subscription fees, revenue for El Paquete comes from a classifieds section called "Revolico." Within El Paquete, you click a file that opens Revolico in your browser. But it’s an offline version that runs from a file structure on your local computer. There, you can click around as if you were browsing Craigslist, looking at thousands of listings of everything from house rentals to big-screen TVs to car tires."
Infinit Storage Platform
"Torcache is a free service for caching torrent files online. You can not search or list torrent files that are stored here, you can only access them if you already know the info_hash value of the torrent you want to download."
Federation, Privacy, and User Experience – Dave Cridland – Medium
"Federation, Privacy, and User Experience"
OpenBazaar User Tutorial | OpenBazaar Blog
"OpenBazaar isn’t a giant ecommerce site; it’s a group of people who all want to engage in peer to peer trade."
Democratize the Internet Now! | New Republic
"You should own your information and profit from it. You should have your own servers. Your destiny, which you signed over to Facebook in order to avoid learning a few lines of code, would once again be your own."
The internet is the answer to all the questions of our time | Technology | The Guardian
"There are many fights more important than the fight over how the internet is regulated. Equity in race, gender, sexual preference; the widening wealth gap; the climate crisis – each one far more important than the fight over the rules for the net. Except for one thing: the internet is how every one of these fights will be won or lost. "
YaCy - The Peer to Peer Search Engine: Home
yacy is "fully decentralized, all users of the search engine network are equal, the network does not store user search requests and it is not possible for anyone to censor the content of the shared index. We want to achieve freedom of information through a free, distributed web search which is powered by the world's users."
Wire · Secure messenger
encrypted, online, free, browser-based video chatting service - support for all modern browsers, ios, osx, windows, android
"Driven by passion and inspired by “what ifs” we explore the applications and implications of a permanent web in the context of social networks, freedom of expression, creative perpetuity, and privacy for a better Internet in service of humanity."
scroll down a bit on the page to download & test the alpha
the cryptocurrency to power ipfs "Filecoin is a data storage network and electronic currency based on Bitcoin."
Mango: Git completely decentralised – Alex Beregszaszi – Medium
mango "combines Ethereum with IPFS or Swarm as a backend for Git." basically making it possible to have a completely decentralized git repository, and allow for projects to be developed that would otherwise risk censorship
"Webmention is a simple way to notify any URL when you link to it on your site. From the receiver's perspective, it's a way to request notifications when other sites link to it."
"Micropub is an open API standard used to create posts on one's own domain using third-party clients. Web apps and native apps (e.g., iPhone, Android) can use Micropub to post short notes, photos, events or other posts to your own site."
Creator of chatbot that beat 160,000 parking fines now tackling homelessness | Technology | The Guardian
ZeroNet: Decentralized websites using Bitcoin crypto and the BitTorrent network
"Open, free and uncensorable websites, using Bitcoin cryptography and BitTorrent network"
"a proposed set of conventions and tools for building decentralized social applications based on Linked Data principles. Solid is modular and extensible and it relies as much as possible on existing W3C standards and protocols."
writes about berners-lee's SOLID project (way of encapsulating & controlling your data) & ipfs: "Ultimately the question is whether the forces that caused the web to become a series of centralized hubs will be pushed back by architectures and protocols that enable it to re-decentralize itself. "
tootsuite/mastodon: Your self-hosted, globally interconnected microblogging community
"an alternative, clean implementation of the federated social network GNU Social, called Mastodon. Mastodon is an open-source server that integrates with other GNU Social (and other compatible) networks. The entire network is like an unlimited number of different Twitter websites, users of which can follow each other and interact regardless of which Twitter website exactly they are on. This has obvious benefits as there is no single company that has a monopoly."
Oraclize - blockchain oracle service, enabling data-rich smart contracts
"Smart contracts live like in a walled garden, they cannot fetch external data on their own. Oraclize is here to help. We act as a data carrier, a reliable connection between Web APIs and your Dapp. There is no need to open additional trustlines as our good behaviour is enforced by cryptographic proofs. "
PouchDB, the JavaScript Database that Syncs!
"PouchDB is an open-source JavaScript database inspired by Apache CouchDB that is designed to run well within the browser. PouchDB was created to help web developers build applications that work as well offline as they do online. It enables applications to store data locally while offline, then synchronize it with CouchDB and compatible servers when the application is back online, keeping the user's data in sync no matter where they next login."
Peergos/Peergos: A decentralised, secure file storage, sharing and social network that's surveillance resistant and doesn't expose your friend network.
"A decentralised, secure file storage, sharing and social network that's surveillance resistant and doesn't expose your friend network."
erming/shout: Shout — The self-hosted web IRC client
"Shout is a web IRC client that you host on your own server."
Ten Lessons from GitHub's First Year
"Listen to your customers, but don’t let them tell you what to do. Let me explain. Consider a feature request such as “GitHub should let me FTP up a documentation site for my project.” What this customer is really trying to say is “I want a simple way to publish content related to my project,” but they’re used to what’s already out there, and so they pose the request in terms that are familiar to them."
"At this point of its early stages, MORPHiS is a global encrypted distributed datastore intended to replace the cloud for storage and far more. This first release also includes DMAIL (distributed mail), inherently spam resistant, inherently encrypted, uncensorable, free distributed messaging."
About Pinbits -
this one is explicitly not a recommendation but more an interesting glimpse at future services involving the decentralized systems that are being developed " PinBits is an IPFS pinning service. Supply the hashes and the money, and we'll pin them until the money runs out." ... "Our current rates are $1 per Terabyte-hour. We divide your payment by that cost and then by the total size of your requested pin in order to come up with how long to pin for."
Zcash - All coins are created equal.
"Zcash is the first open, permissionless financial system employing zero-knowledge security."
Zcash Ceremony - YouTube
"the story of of the Zcash Multi-Party Computation Ceremony"
a talk at 33th Chaos Communication Congress dealing with some of the technical details
Paper | Zerocash
"Zerocash: Decentralized Anonymous Payments from Bitcoin"
"Blocking-resistant communication through domain fronting" ... "a versatile censorship circumvention technique that hides the remote endpoint of a communication. Domain fronting works at the application layer, using HTTPS, to communicate with a forbidden host while appearing to com- municate with some other host, permitted by the censor." basically it relies on there being another domain provider that helps you forward your traffic via them, a kind of solidarity x crypto combo
"Tahoe-LAFS is a Free and Open decentralized cloud storage system. It distributes your data across multiple servers. Even if some of the servers fail or are taken over by an attacker, the entire file store continues to function correctly, preserving your privacy and security."
chrislusf/seaweedfs: SeaweedFS is a simple and highly scalable distributed file system. There are two objectives: to store billions of files! to serve the files fast! Instead of supporting full POSIX file system semantics, SeaweedFS choose to implement only a key~file mapping. Similar to the word "NoSQL", you can call it as "NoFS".
"SeaweedFS is a simple and highly scalable distributed file system. There are two objectives: to store billions of files! to serve the files fast! Instead of supporting full POSIX file system semantics, SeaweedFS choose to implement only a key~file mapping. Similar to the word "NoSQL", you can call it as "NoFS"."
"Peermaps provides a distributed, offline-friendly alternative to commercial map providers like Google Maps. Instead of fetching data from a centralized tile service, fetch map data from your peers using ipfs and dat."
Dat Project - A Distributed Data Community
"Dat is a grant-funded, open-source, decentralized data sharing tool for efficiently versioning and syncing changes to data."
Dat Technology
snippets about hypercore, hyperdrive, the two primitives that underlie dat's tools
DAT Project - DAppHack Berlin 2016 - YouTube
intro into dat by one of its devs
mafintosh/hypervision: P2P Television
"P2P Television" stream your desktop view via p2p, with users distributing the data between themselves
"Libdill is a C library that makes writing structured concurrent programs easy."
What is the P2P Web?
"The P2P Web embodies 3 principles: 1 Anybody can be a server. 2 Multiple computers can serve the same site. 3 There is no back end. "
Achieving Scale in the Decentralized Web
on writing crawlers for the decent web to allow for reverse lookups, pingbacks & more
Beaker | Peer-to-peer Web browser. No blockchain required.
Project of the Week: Beaker Browser | Electron
"Beaker is a Peer-to-Peer Web Browser which lets users build socially and publish independently." ... "At a high level, Beaker introduces concepts from BitTorrent into the Web. Anybody can publish a site immediately, independently, and for free, using only their browser."
"To me the P2P web distinguishes itself from the web today by putting the user in control of their data." ... "the web we have today becomes more and more siloed as large advertising based companies like Facebook and Google are incentivized to get us to give them more and more of our data."
Motherfucking Website
"Websites aren't broken by default, they are functional, high-performing, and accessible. You break them. You son-of-a-bitch."
txti - Fast web pages for everybody
"Txti is fast web pages for everybody. Most of the world still does not have internet, but many websites from countries like the United States are big and complicated. This makes it hard for people with slow internet to use these sites. It is even harder for those people to put their own thoughts on the internet. With txti, anyone can use any device to share their story."
amark/gun: A realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph database engine.
"GUN is a realtime, distributed, offline-first, graph database engine"
Auth · amark/gun Wiki · GitHub
ssbc/secure-scuttlebutt: A database of unforgeable append-only feeds, optimized for efficient replication for peer to peer protocols
a "database of unforgeable append-only feeds, optimized for efficient replication for peer to peer protocols."
a go implementation of ssb
staltz/easy-ssb-pub: An easy-to-host server that runs an SSB "Pub"
an "easy-to-host server that runs an SSB" pub
clehner/git-ssb: Decentralized git repo hosting and issue tracking on secure-scuttlebutt (SSB).
"Decentralized git repo hosting and issue tracking on secure-scuttlebutt (SSB)"
dominic tarr tells the story of how secure scuttlebutt came to be, good read
André Staltz - An off-grid social network
"Scuttlebutt is slang for gossip, particularly among sailors. It is also the name of a peer-to-peer system ideal for social graphs, identity and messaging"
aframevr/aframe: web framework for building virtual reality experiences.
aframevr/aframe-boilerplate: Hello, WebVR starter kit for A-Frame.
a "web framework for building virtual reality experiences"
Golem project: December update – The Golem Project
"The Golem Network is a decentralized sharing economy of computing power, where anyone can make money 'renting' out their computing power or developing & selling software."
a "storage marketplace enabling buyers to rent space from sellers with extra disk space"
noffle/hyperpad: Peer-to-peer collaborative text editor.
"Hyperpad is a free, open source, distributed text editor for use by groups and individuals. Document authors control who gets access, and nobody needs to pay for perpetual server hosting. No technical know-how is required beyond opening up and writing a document."
"End-to-end encrypted mail. Public social feeds. No central servers. Sync over WiFi. Offline operation. GPL licensed."
git ssb
an ssb github-clone, a bunch of ssb-related projects appear to only be reachable over it; p rad
patchfoo, a minimal ssb client "Plain SSB web UI. Uses HTML forms instead of client-side JS. Designed for use on low-power and low-resource computers."
ansuz/dnssb: ssb meets dns
"ssb meets dns"
Embracing Subjectivity - YouTube
"Embracing Subjectivity" really good talk about subjectivity, scuttlebutt, and decentralization by mix irving "i think what's been most interesting for me has been coming back to the old web"
cjdelisle/cjdns: An encrypted IPv6 network using public-key cryptography for address allocation and a distributed hash table for routing.
cjdns "implements an encrypted IPv6 network using public-key cryptography for address allocation and a distributed hash table for routing. This provides near-zero-configuration networking, and prevents many of the security and scalability issues that plague existing networks."
"The Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is a garlic routing using overlay network and darknet that allows applications to send messages to each other pseudonymously and securely. Uses include anonymous Web surfing, chatting, blogging and file transfers. The software that implements this layer is called an I2P router and a computer running I2P is called an I2P node."
Meshnet Plan
"This subreddit is dedicated to organizing a decentralized alternative to traditional ISP's."
"Brave aims to transform the online ad ecosystem with micropayments and a new revenue-sharing solution to give users and publishers a better deal, where fast, safe browsing is the path to a brighter future for the open web."
a chrome plugin that hooks you up with ethereum "MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum dApps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node."
oduwsdl/ipwb: A distributed and persistent archive replay system using IPFS
a "distributed and persistent archive replay system using IPFS"
a decentralized & distributed storage solution; rent our computer space to earn a cryptocoin called safecoin
"Numerous decentralized exchanges have been built on the Ethereum blockchain. However, they are all proprietary and incompatible with each other. Øx is not a decentralized exchange, it is a protocol for exchange."
Storj Share - Rent Your Drive
decentralized file storage; rent out your harddrive for cryptocurrency; earnings based on GB/h among a few other factors (see formula:
mafintosh/hypercore: Hypercore is a secure, distributed append-only log.
"Hypercore is a secure, distributed append-only log," built ontop of dat project
fermentation/ferment: A peer-to-peer audio publishing and streaming application. Think SoundCloud or Spotify, but entirely decentralized and free.
"Peer-to-peer audio publishing and streaming application. Like SoundCloud but decentralized. A mashup of ssb, webtorrent and electron."